Types of Bra

Types of Bra
1. Convertible/Multiway Bra

Convertible (also called multiway) bras are a must to own. The straps come off and have hooks so you can reattach them in different ways to wear with clothes where the straps of a standard bra would show.

2. Padded Bra

A Padded bra has padding in the base of the cup to lift your breast and give the appearance of larger breasts. Padding can also refer to a light padding through the cup to hide any nipple shape, but usually when people talk about a padded bra they are meaning the type that makes your bust look larger. Padded bras come in a variety of different shapes and styles, they could be t-shirt, demi cup or push up or a combination of shapes. Whatever style they are you won’t be able to tell from looking at them on if they are padded or not.

3. T-Shirt Bra

A T-Shirt bra has seamless contour cups that are designed to give a smooth look under tight or lightweight fabric. The cups are lightly padded to stop the shape of your nipples showing through.

4. Minimizer Bra

A Minimizer bra is a bra that is designed to make the breasts appear to be smaller.Minimizer bras tend to work in two ways: either by lifting and redistributing your breast tissue to look more trim, or by simply ‘quishing’ your bust in an attempt to reduce protrusion.

5. Maternity/Nursing Bra

A Nursing bra is a specialized brassiere that provides additional support to women who are lactating and permits comfortable breastfeeding without the need to remove the bra. This is accomplished by specially designed bra cups that include flaps which can be opened with one hand to expose the nipple.

6. Sports Bra

A Sports is a bra that provides additional support to female breasts during physical exercise. Sturdier than typical bras, they minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments.

7. Underwired Bra

An Underwire bra (also under wire bra, under-wire bra, or underwired bra) is a brassiere that utilizes a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. The wire may be made of metal, plastic, or resin.

8. Non Wired Bra

A Wireless bra is a super-comfortable style made from soft fabric with seamless or seamed cups. Available in regular and full-figure sizes, this design offers just the right shaping, as well as all-day comfort.

9. Plus Size Bra

A Plus size bra is generally of larger size than normal.

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